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Barb is currently teaching at Doggie Depot in Downers Grove on Monday & Tuesday Evenings, at South Town Animal Care in South Elgin on Thursdays, and an advanced class at Animal Care Dog Training in Westmont on most Saturdays.

She may be adding classes in Oak Forest, soon!


Maggie shows her handler where to find the hide.

Dogs of all ages and skills have lots of fun in K9 Nose Work® classes -

To learn more about what they do, read about our classes on this page.

Continuing K9 Nose Work, a Nose Work Dogs K9 Nose Work® Class

Is it in here?

Eva thoroughly checks every carton.

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Look for classes taught or co-taught by a CNWI or ANWI, and have confidence in what you learn. NACSW provides a page to find a local CNWI or ANWI on the NACSW site.

image - How well do you know your pet?